The Make is a

interior Design Studio

Provide a high-quality furniture, custom commercial spaces, and unique objects. 

Exceptional Interiors Design.

We have moved away from the era of unattractive furniture. Today, offices are improved by sleek furniture. That is our philosophy at The Make. We measure our clients’ offices and determine the right type of furniture they will need. We also give them a list of Eco-friendly materials that we use in the design of furniture. This way, our customers know that the furniture they are purchasing is sustainable and does not harm the environment.

About Us

The Make is an established studio that designs commercial spaces, high-quality furniture, and unique objects. Everything is designed from the ground up. We have a dedicated team of interior designers, architects, fashion designers, engineers, and analysts to accomplish this. This diverse team looks into the latest designs from Fortune 500 companies and comes up with a way of implementing them in your business.

Experience of
Interior Design.

We have been in the business of interior design and commercial space improvement for 15 years. We have helped hundreds of companies during that time. We have made mistakes, but we have learned from them to a point where we can promise you flawless work. We’ve also made tremendous advances.

We provide world-class interior design, specializing in high-quality furniture, custom commercial spaces, and unique objects. We aim to change your commercial space and give it a new look and feel.

Towfiq Omi

Creative Director

Shopping-Mall Interior

Workstation Interior

Hotel and Cottage

Home Floor Design

High-quality Objects


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