Our studio offers several services:

Office Design

Creating the perfect office requires extensive planning and investments. We will help you design your office in a way that reflects your company and has a positive impact on your customers and employees. We have an easy-to-use platform where you can visualize and illustrate your ideas.

Home Floor Design

If you think your current home’s floor plan is inferior, you should look for a new floor plan. We have hundreds of residential floor plans that can help you design your home in the way you want. Our floor plans are reliable and professionally designed. When you make an order, we try to fulfill it within the same day. We have an online platform where you can see your floor plan and suggest any changes to it.

Office Furniture

The type of furniture you choose for your office will impact your employees’ productivity. If you choose comfortable and classy furniture, your employees will be motivated to work harder. That is why we will give you functional furniture that looks fancy and provides the basics you need. The weight, height, and setting will be ideal for your business environment, increasing functionality.

High-quality Objects

We design objects for offices and homes. Our team creates stationery and other office objects to enhance your brand’s image. We will print your logo and company’s name on pens, cups, and books. These are things you can give to your customers. It’s a smart way of promoting your company without spending too much money.

Eco-friendly Consultants

Offices and business premises are the leading cause of environmental pollution. Governments and scientists are calling for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. This may seem a tall order for businesses without a qualified consultant. The Make will help you decide how to approach your carbon footprint sustainably and affordably.